Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pre Order ED HARDY 1st Batch

Hello Peeople..okey, due to soo many request..
1st Batch Closing Date EXtend until:
29 January 2010 (Friday)

This item is PRE-ORDER
All item are mentioned
Gred AAA

Pls read the RULES AND REGULATIONS before you place an order.
We are not responsible for any unavoidable incontinences after ur ordered with us.

All price is FIX. However, if u buy more than 3 pcs, u will get FREE POS LAJU (only for Malaysian buyer).

Thank you

Celebrity Wearing ED HARDY Tees

~ Nasha Aziz ~

~ Madonna ~

~ Carmen Electra ~

~ Shakira ~


These are standardized size charts for apparel items.

*Plz refer u'r size here.
*All sizes are approximate, not necessarily exact.

** women sizing only have S, M & L only**

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